FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How can we obtain a pricing list for the translation of our texts?

You may simply use this form for a non-binding calculation or you can contact us directly at info@translationex.com.

How long will it take before I receive my translation?

We always strive to satisfy the needs of our customers and it is always our priority to deliver within the set deadline.

How much do we pay for a translation, or more precisely, what influences the price?

The final price depends on numerous factors, primarily the number of standard pages (1 800 characters, including spaces), the level of specialization of the text, the type of the translated language and the type of translation.

We have received a price calculation from www.translationex.com and we would like to place an order. How do we continue from here?

You may confirm the order by filling out a binding order, alternatively, you may order by sending an email to info@translationex.com, together with the original text, translation requirements and also the invoicing information, necessary for issuing a pro forma invoice.

How can I pay for the translation?

You may pay by sending us the total amount of money to be paid to the bank account number listed on the issued invoice.