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Chinese belongs to the Sino-Tibetan language group and it is more of a group of Chinese languages, rather than a single language (it said to be from 7 to 13 groups). The north Chinese dialect of Beijing is regarded as the standard form of Chinese. It is the official language not only in China, but also in Taiwan and Singapore. Some of the Chinese languages are the native language of 1,2 billion of people in total. Thanks to the fact that standard Chinese uses Chinese characters, it is understandable in all parts of the country, even there, where two incomprehensible languages are spoken. There are currently two way to distinguish notations in Chinese:

Traditional – complicated and nowadays mainly used in Hong Kong and in Taiwan. Also used by communities outside of Asia.

Simplified – this notation is used in continental China and Singapore ever since the reform in the 20th century took place. It is one of the 6 UN languages.