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Czech language is a West Slavic language, similar to Slovak language, Polish and Sorbian. It belongs to the Slavic languages, into the Indo-European family of languages. The Czech language has evolved from the western dialect of old Slovak Language at the end of the 10th century. It is partly influenced by Latin and German. The standard Czech language has two forms: the purely literary and colloquial.

The Czech language is spoken by 10.6 million people, of which over 10.4 million use it in the Czech Republic. In the past 150 years, as a result of several waves of emigration, thousands of immigrants and their descendants speak the Czech language, especially in the Slovak Republic, the USA, Canada, Germany, Austria, Romania, Australia, Ukraine and many other countries.

The Czech language is based on a complicated system of declension and conjugation. For the written form it uses the Latin alphabet enriched with accented characters. The pronunciation form is characterized by a hard accent, opposition in lengths of vowels and specific consonant ‘r’.
The Czech language is the official language of the Czech Republic and one of the official languages of the European Union. In the official administration, The Czech language can also be used in the Slovak Republic.