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Belongs to the West Germanic languages that are based on Old English. The Old English was formed and influenced by historical events, such as the assimilation with the Celts on the British Islands, the arrival of Normans, or the gradual spreading of various Germanic dialects from the Friesland areas, and even from Norway, thanks to the Vikings. The British (or Oxford) English, from which the American, Australian and New Zealand English evolved, has gained its modern form from the 15th century London dialect.

Thanks to the British colonization and settling, the English has spread all over the world during a few centuries, and is also the official language of many countries. But its dominant position was achieved by computers and digitalization, where English was available as the only language from the beginning. At the same time, it has become a language of all traders, tourists and everywhere where people come together with two different language. It is one of the 6 UN languages.