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The official language of Finland belongs to the Finno-Ugric language group, which belongs to the Uralic languages. It not related to the other Scandinavian languages, its closest relatives are Estonian and Karelian. In modern Finnish, there is a big difference between the standard and colloquial forms, many words are completely different in the colloquial language. Polite forms are only used in very formal way of speaking. Interesting thing about Finnish is its way of forming words – the morphological suffixes are gradually “glued” behind the word stem (agglutination language). Due to this fact, unusually long words are often created, for example the word “vaimo-lle-ni-kin” translates to “also to my wife”. The Finnish grammar acknowledges 14-17 grammatical cases, depending on the subjective approach. Six of them are the so called “locative cases” and it is important to distinguish between inner and outer location cases.