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It is one of the Afro-asiatic languages, namely it belongs to the north-western group of Semitic languages. It derives from the ancient and biblical Hebrew, but the Modern Hebrew is influenced by the Indo-European languages so much that it has completely changed during the centuries.

The beginning of Modern Hebrew is traced back to the end of the 19th century, when the efforts to use Hebrew in everyday life were made. Up until then, the Jews usually used the language of the country they lived in (Armenian, German, Czech, Arabic…) and used their own language only for making notes and comments in the Bible or Talmud.

It is one of the official languages in Palestine since 1918 and in Israel, since it was established as a new state in 1948. The number of speakers is estimated at 5 million (most of the Jews outside of Israel tend to speak Yiddish), but it is also the language of Judaism.